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Keep warm with a touch of a button

I tried The Body Furnace while skiing, and just loved it. I am very cold natured, but I didn’t have to come in and warm up once! The Body Furnace is a very affordable and convenient way to stay warm. The adjustable belt holds the unit very comfortably so you don’t even know you have it on, except for feeling the warmth. I use it for football games and my husband uses it for farm chores. I loaned it to a teacher friend for back pain and she used it for two weeks to reduce her discomfort. The Body Furnace really helps me enjoy my outdoor cold weather activities.

Kelli Parker
Talala, Ok

Once just a conversation piece and a dream, I decided to make The Body Furnace a reality by giving them to my children and grandchildren as Christmas presents. My wife wasn’t too thrilled by the idea, to say the least. To her surprise, the orders started coming in. Now my dream is being used for football games, ATV rides, my youngest daughter’s back pain, my sister-in-laws arthritis, and my oldest daughter shares them with co-workers. I hope that you love yours as much as my family and friends love theirs.

Wilbur Caldwell
Clinton, MO

I am a carriage driver and my hands would get so cold I was concerned I could not control my horse effectively. The Body Furnace keeps me warmer, including my hands and feet. I have driven in 19 degree temperature for as long as five hours, and with The Body Furnace, I got along fine. I would not have been able to do continue driving without a heater. This heater helps make my job safe and pleasant.

Terry Riegle
Sparta, MO

Being on the Crappie Masters pro tournament trail we have to deal with all kinds of weather. In addition our hands get wet in freezing temperatures due to the handling of live bait. Wearing the Body Furnace not only keeps my body warm but it is the best thing I have found for quickly warming the hands. We all seem to have a set temperature that we start to become uncomfortable. Since I started using the Body Furnace I can remain comfortable a few degrees colder than before.

Bill Braswell
Pro angler

Applies heat directly to body core! Last up to 6 hours!