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Keep warm with a touch of a button
Warm your
                  core.Personal Heating Unit.

Delivers consistent, even warmth.

Personal heating device delivers heat directly to your core and spreads out to your limbs, hands & feet.

Great for Hunters, Outdoor sports or sitting in a cold stadium.

Comes with a rechargeable battery pack and a standard "AA" battery holder.

Stay warm while 4 wheeling.The Body Furnace is a patented and genius battery operated heating device which helps you maintain a confortable body temperature during cold conditions. When worn around your waist The Body Furnace applies heat directly to your body core allowing your circulation system to transfer heat to your extremities. The unique compact design provides maximum heat transfer to your body with minimum battery input.

The Body Furnace has high and low settings for your personal comfort level and is available with a NiMH rechargeable battery. Even your fingers and toes will stay toasty warm with The Body Furnace!

Take on Road Trips,to the Game, to the Office, and more... The Body Furnace goes where you go!

Great for cold outdoor activities: Motorcyles, Golf, Skiing, ATV's & Snow Mobiles, Hunting, Football, Camping, Fishing, Hiking, Sports Events & the list goes on...

Applies heat directly to body core! Last up to 6 hours!